Lay your weary head to rest...
Mini hiatus!!

Hey guys I’m moving house this week and won’t be able to be too active, sorry. We’re not getting internet for two weeks and I might die. But I’ll be back soon!!

- Julia xx

life plan: cry about castiel today. cry about castiel tomorrow. cry about castiel every day for the rest of my life. raise sea levels. increase fish population. say hello to all the new fishes. cry about castiel again. [x]

No fair [x]

No fair [x]

For the Team
2014: does your anoconda?
2013: it doooooooooooo
I love that fans use the show as a canvas in which they paint the stories that are most meaningful to them.
Misha Collins [x]


*cries over character’s wasted potential*

The community of support you guys have for each other is a miraculous thing, and I feel very lucky to have sort of fallen into it.
Misha on how his fans inspire him [x]

*throws selfies at you and runs*

There is something amazing about the tiniest moments in everyday life.
Misha on his poetry [x]


i know castiel is a total badass who’s rebelled against heaven and led armies and killed thousands but he’s also a vulnerable lil muffin who deserves warm blankets and to be protected at all costs

I can tell you exactly — September 18th.
First words I heard, clear as a bell — “Dean Winchester is saved.” [x]